ATTOCK-Two brothers have conned villagers out of their life savings - collectively millions of rupees in the name of Musharakah which means a joint enterprise formed for conducting some business in which all partners share profit and loss in line with the principles of Islamic Shariah.

“We have been deprived of millions of rupees by two brothers Abdul Khaliq and Abdul Malik. They have now gone underground. They belong to Jalwal village but now settled in Rawalpindi. They used to visit Jalwal and delivered sermons during religious gatherings therefore the local people had blind faith in them,” said the local villagers.

The victims including Muhammad Khan, Khudadad Khan, Banaras Khan and others said that Abdul Khaliq and Abdul in the guise of religious scholars approached them and motivated them to invest in a business being run by Elixir Group. They told them that the business was completely in compliance with the Islamic rules and the profit they would receive would be Halal.

The victims said that they trusted them without any verification and handed over to them millions of rupees just in return of a stamp paper. They said that after collecting millions of rupees in a few months, the conmen paid them profit for two months regularly but after the next two months they suddenly disappeared along with their family members. They demanded that the National Accountability Bureau should take notice over the fraud and help them recover the heard-earned money.

Those have been deprived of their money under the unique scam involving religious scholars also include serving and retired employees, widows, elderly persons, labourers and businessmen.

FACILITIES FOR PENSIONERS: All available resources are being utilised to facilitate pensioners coming from different areas. NBP Attock Manager Mehboob Butt said this while talking to reporters. On the occasion Manager Operations Abdul Qadir was also present. He said that seating arrangements were made for the pensioners and availability of clean drinking water was ensured, adding that now a shed had been built to avoid inconvenience to pensioners during rainy, hot and chilly weather.

Drive to raise awareness against wrong parking in the offing: The Traffic Police have collected Rs1.4 million as fine from the violators of traffic rules and the police planned launching a special awareness campaign regarding “Wrong Parking”.

Traffic Police In-Charge Riaz Hussain said this while talking to this reporter.

While giving details, he said that during the month of September, 3,122 vehicles were challaned for different violations.

He said that rickshaws were a great disturbance in smooth flow of traffic, adding that it was the responsibility of the Tehsil Municipal Administration to control the menace but the authorities concerned were reluctant to take any action. He said that to install traffic sign boards was also the responsibility of TMA authorities but they were least bothered. The traffic Police In-charge said that lack of fork-lifter to lift wrongly parked vehicles was adding to the incidence wrong parking. To a question, he said that a computerized machine had been installed and in future computerized driving licences would be issued as per the international standard.