WAZIRABAD-Local traders’ leaders have said that the new electricity meters which run faster than the old ones had been installed in their areas so as to fleece the consumers.

They said that Gujranwala Electric Power Company (Gepco) adopted various methods to generate revenue. The new digital meters run at 0.5 kwh instead of 1 kwh speed. They said that earlier the company used the old method of issuing inflated bills for this purpose. Some of them get their bills rectified with strenuous efforts but women and children cannot approach Gepco offices and are forced to submit their bills just to avoid botheration and repeated visits to the relevant office. Thus, the company bags huge money every month. “Now, the digital meters which run double of the appropriate speed have been installed and the consumers are forced to pay the inflated bill,” they said and demanded formation of a body to investigate into the issue and replacement of the new meters. Industrialist Muhammad Arif expressed concerns during the meeting of All Pakistan Cutlery Manufacturers Association over the installation of new meters.

He also demanded that the minister for water and power should take notice of the consumers’ grievances and stop issuance of inflated bills. He demanded making instalments of the bills and distribution of bills at least one week before the due date every month.