PESHAWAR/BAJAUR AGENCY - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Engineer Shaukatullah on Monday approved concrete measures to streamline the judicial system in the Tribal Areas, protect the basic rights of the tribesmen and ensure redress of their grievances within the shortest possible time.

To make this possible, the governor sanctioned creation of a new post of assistant political agent (judicial) in each Tehsil, and ordered immediate measures for constitution of a team of 10 to 20 Levy personnel in each tribal agency for provision of forensic training.

Presiding over a meeting at the Governor's House, the governor said that solid measures were must for making the reforms process in FATA visible and practicable.

"All officers of the level of assistant political agent should be well-versed in the FCR law, and for this purpose, a crash training programme should also be launched," he said.

Indeed, the government had already adopted some useful measures to protect the basic rights of the people of FATA, address their issues through the reforms process, Shaukatullah said, and noted that due to the lack of administrative support, difficulties were being faced in realising the desired objectives.

Meanwhile, the elders of Mandal tribe in Bajaur Agency on Monday assured the local administration of their full support in maintaining the writ of the government in the region.

During a jirga with senior officials of the local administration, the tribal elders and members vowed to expel strangers from their areas.

A number of tribal elders and members of several village defence committees attended the jirga. Political Agent Abdul Jabar Shah and other senior officials were also present.

Speaking on the occasion, the political agent said that peace had been established in the region after elimination of terrorists but durable peace was still a tough ask as there had been threats from the militants.

The political agent urged the tribal elders to realise the situation and be alert for any challenges in the area because protection of the area from anti-state elements was the responsibilities of every citizen of the region. He also asked the elders to speed up their anti-militant activities and fulfill their collective responsibility with honesty and commitment. "Joint efforts are very essential for maintaining peace and a complete elimination of the militants from the area," he added.

Shah lauded the tribal elders for their efforts and contribution in the restoration of peace in the area, saying they had always rendered great sacrifices for the protection of the frontiers.

The jirga was also addressed by tribal elders and leaders of peace committees, Mian Masood Jan, Malik Noshea Rwan Khan, Malik Rahat, Malik Mohammad Rahman, and Malik Zahir Shah. The elders said the tribesmen were fully alert to meet any challenges and that no one would be allowed to interrupt the law and order situation in the agency. “We are ready to face any challenges,” they said.

The jirga unanimously imposed ban on providing shelter to suspected elements, foreigners and non-local people in their area. The jirga also decided to impose a fine of Rs2 million on any local if he was found guilty of providing shelter to suspected elements in the area within the limits of Mandal tribe. The elders demanded the administration and the federal government to provide special development package to Mandal tribe.

They said that the tribesmen of Mandal tribe were peace-living citizens of the agency that had always rendered great sacrifices for restoration of peace in the area.