LAHORE  - JI chief Syed Munawar Hasan while condemning US-India stance to obstruct the funding of the Haqqani network and the Lashkar-e-Taiba said that it was completely unjustified especially after the statements by an Indian General and a senior Foreign Ministry official that no foreign hand was involved in terrorist attacks, including those at the Indian Parliament and Mumbai.

He made these remarks while addressing JI workers at Mansoora on Monday.

He said that the US was shedding the blood of innocent Muslims in different parts of the country and had killed millions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

India and Israel had been unlawfully occupying Kashmir and Palestine for over a half century, and the Muslims of both these occupied areas were struggling for their freedom, he added.

Munawar said that the Taliban had stated time and again that Pakistan government was not serious in talks with them.

The government, he added, was not giving any importance to the APC resolution.

JI chief said that terrorist activities would not stop as long as the government follows the US dictates on terror war.

He asked the Taliban to present their agenda for talks and express their reservations through their mediators and not through the media.