London-It is the sort of shoddy workmanship that provokes fury and hilarity in equal measure. Re-defining the phrase work-shy, these pictures show the lengths some people will go to in order to not finish a job properly.

The collection includes examples of people painting around objects instead of moving them, not removing old signs and showing a total lack of common sense as they complete a task.

In one jaw-dropping example, workmen seemingly could not be bothered to move a fallen branch from the road - so simply painted a white line around it.

In another - more dubious example - workmen were clearly in a bit of a rush to finish painting their double yellow lines.

Two bollards are visible in the picture warning people not to park but that did not stop the 4X4 driver from leaving their car there.  However, the unlucky driver was punished when the double yellow lines were painted directly over the bonnet and roof of the car.

In another picture, lazy workmen could not be bothered to pick up an old stop sign when they replaced it with a new one.  In one picture, workers are shown resurfacing a road around a parked car. The lack of common sense illustrated in the pictures can be breathtaking.

In one, a parking space is marked out but no one has seemed to realise that entry to the space is completely blocked by a tree.

Cyclists also have a raw deal when it comes to lazy workmanship. A cycle path has been diligently marked out but the route is blocked by steel bollards on one side.

A huge tree also obstructs a narrow path reserved for pedestrians and cyclists. One of the most unbelievable examples is of a hole cut into a tree cut by jobs worths to make way for an electricity line.  Some of the pictures show how dangerous sloppy work can be. A child’s roundabout was built under a brick wall and in another picture a balcony was installed on the third storey of a building - but with no door or window to access it.