The lawyers of Mandi Bahauddin celebrated the grant of bail to former president Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf, at the district bar-room.

Sweets were distributed to lawyers and litigants present on the courts premises. Speaking on the occasion, Independent Lawyers Group President Syed Munawwar Abid said truth could not be suppressed for a long time. The cases were registered against Mr Musharraf as part of political victimisation ant keeping him away from the general elections.

He said that all the criminal cases lying pending with different courts were false and filed just to defame the former president. “In Lal Masjid case, religious clerics Aziz and Gazi Rasheed had challenged the writ of the state. They were fully armed with modern weapons and had started killing and kidnapping people. Police and judiciary were helpless to initiate any proceeding against them. The clerics used female students as shield against the law-enforcing agencies when they went for action,” he added.

The lawyers’ leader said that also in Akbar Bhugti case, Gen (r) Musharraf could not be accused of playing any role. He said according to media reports, Bugti was a rebel who was operating from a tunnel where he died due to his own act.

He said that the involvement of the retired general in the judges’ detention case was also based on mala fide intention. He said that the criminal cases were based on falsehood and hoped that Musharraf would be acquitted honourably.

He appreciated the order of the superior judiciary for granting bail after thorough consideration of the facts. Talking about opinion of the general public, he said now the people had fed up with the present rulers for their cruel and anti-people policies and remember the Musharraf era regarding development and public welfare.