LAHORE - Munawar Hayat Abbasi, a prominent Pakistan People’s Party leader from Bahawalpur, has joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.  Announcement about Abbasi’s joining PTI folds along with his supporters came on Monday following his meeting with PTI Punjab chief Ijaz Chaudhry.

Abbasi, who is a former PPP ticket holder from NA-185 seat of Bahawalpur, was welcomed to PTI ranks.

PTI leader Ijaz Chaudhry said new induction to the party would further strengthen it in Bahawalpur.

He said leaders from PML-N and PPP were joining PTI due to the failure of their parties to fulfill the promises with the masses.  He claimed that PML-N and PPP had joined hands to conceal their corrupt practices and support each other’s rule. Commenting over the appointment of NAB chairman, he claimed that PML-N and PPP made the appointment under a secret deal.