It was amazing to see our Foreign Office spokesperson parroting the number of sacrifices Pakistan has made in the war against terror, but in the next breath she refused to comply with US sanctions against three Pakistanis, accused of promoting terrorism. One of these gentlemen was once called to negotiate with the Taliban. He is the head of a seminary in Akora Khatak (infamous as godfather of Taliban) and was officially appointed to negotiate with Taliban in North Waziristan. While the Lashkar-e-Tayiba (LeT) chief openly roams around the country, leads Eid and Friday prayer gatherings, delivers fiery speeches in public meetings, participates in rallies in favor of armed forces, but we need ‘concrete’ evidence to try them. Amazing, isn’t?

Bloody events in Kohat, Swat, Quetta, Peshawar in last days show that terrorists have not gone anywhere after the operation in tribal areas; they have re-grouped under new names and are now out to attack at their chosen timings. When I look around, I became increasingly convinced that we may never win this war on terror. I find that they have strong tactical support, may it be ideological, moral, political, financial or physical, for the Taliban and their cause.

It’s time for introspection, time to come out of self-denial. Unless infrastructures of militancy and the ideology promoting terrorism are religiously destroyed without any ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, Pakistan will move towards self-destruction. There is no point in counting the sacrifices; it’s time for us to come out of deep sleep and the state of self-denial.


Saudi, October 5.