Umaid Asif of Khan Research Laboratories (KRL) has been banned for one-year by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for violating board's Anti-Doping Tribunal Code.

"Umaid Asif has been from January 23, 2014 by PCB's Anti-Doping Tribunal for violating the Board's Anti-Doping Code," PCB said in a statement issued on Tuesday.

Umaid Asif had tested positive after random in-competition testing during the Faysal Bank T20 Cup held in Lahore in November 2013. The test was conducted on November 29 when Umaid was representing KRL on November 29 in a match against the State Bank of Pakistan.

Following is the transcript of the Anti-Doping Tribunal's report: "Under Article 5.1 of the Pakistan Cricket Board's Anti-Doping Code ("The Anti-Doping Rules") PCB conducted in-competition testing through an independent collecting agency, during the Faysal Bank T-20 Cup held at Lahore in November 2013," it said.

"The agency collected the urine sample of Umaid Asif for dope test during the match played on Nov. 29, 2013 between the State Bank of Pakistan and the KRL in order to detect use of Prohibited Substances and Prohibited Methods identified in the prohibited list. "The sample was forwarded to National Dope Testing Laboratory (WADA-accredited laboratory) New Delhi, India for analysis which vide its Analytical Report dated 10-01-2014 gave an Adverse Analytical finding for substances "prednisolone and prednisone", both of which fall under category S9.Glucocorticosteroids in the 2013 WADA Prohibited List," it stated "Accordingly, Umaid Asif was issued a Notice of Charge by PCB on March 25, 2014 wherein he was provisionally suspended from participating in any form of cricket pending the proceedings of the Anti-Doping Tribunal. The Anti-Doping Tribunal comprised Shahid Karim, Advocate Supreme Court, Wasim Bari, and Dr Ucksy Mallick." "After conducting detailed personal hearings, the Anti-Doping Tribunal found Umaid Asif guilty of violating Article 2.1 of the PCB's Anti-Doping Code (presence of a prohibited substance or its Metabolites or Markers in a Cricketer s Sample) and imposed a one-year ban on Umaid Asif which will be deemed to have commenced from January 23, 2014.

The individual results obtained by Asif's individual performance in the match (KRL v SBP) and other matches that he participated in the Faysal Bank T-20, 2013 will be disqualified," it concluded.