This is in reference to the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman, Bilawal Zardari’s recent political activities which are significantly marked by rhetoric speeches aimed at lashing out at his political opponents and arousing the sentiments of sympathy among the masse by quoting the past history of sacrifices by his family for democracy. One cannot deny the invaluable services and great sacrifices, however strengthening the party’s support base and gaining political mileage by glorifying the sacrifices of the past has been a common practice carried on by the successive political leaderships of the PPP. The scenario is no different now, despite the dismal performance during their tenure the people of Sindh once again reposed to PPP’s call and won them a great electoral victory to rule over Sindh for a second consecutive tenure. Contrary to the hopes and expectations of the people, PPP’s performance during the last one year has been quite desperate as well as disappointing. Ironically, PPP’s chairman, who claims to be the voice of the poor, instead of delivering on his promises by resolving the real issues, has frequently been seen making fiery speeches. The political strategy adopted by Bilawal Zardari to focus on public gatherings and speeches and ignoring the real issues reflects that either the PPP chairman lacks will and commitment, or enjoys less authority in the administrative affairs of his party.


Sukkur, October 9.