The ignored reality of dowry has poisoned and plagued our country and is a financial nightmare.

Weddings in our country are mostly an insane display of lavish mayuns, mehndis, and valimas, give-aways, jewellery, banquets, that people think would have an intense impact lauding their statuses.

The classes in our society always tries to show how wealthy they are and how successful they have been in accomplishing their goals. Middle class and the poor also gets squeezed in this dowry mill, so they take from their children’s education and invest in the preparation of a dowry so as to be respected by people. We all know that ours is a male oriented society but it does not mean actually that being men we can treat women them like this. Neither the girl, nor her family can make a dowry free marriage. The man/groom is the receiver of the dowry and he is the only person who can stand against this ritual.

This will help in saving money in and avoiding nonsense expenditures. The dowry is not the biggest asset of women, her biggest assets are education, regard of humanity, self respect, respect for her groom and sensibility. Those who insist on these practices, why don’t they gather up in Ramadan and yell for Zakat and Fitra collections? Dowry does not make relationships stronger, love, respect and trust does.


Karachi, September 8.