Every other MQM entity and non-entity brags about Karachi earning 67 to 70 percent of the revenue for Pakistan.

As far as I am concerned, Karachi is not producing only 67 to 70 percent but much more – around 80 to 85 percent of the total revenue. May I also ask where does the 10 to 15 percent of it go? Who doesn’t know that this huge chunk goes into the pockets of the Karachiites themselves, of course, illegally. It disappears in the KPT, Port Trust Authority, West Wharf, East Wharf, Fisheries, Commerce & Industries, Excise & Taxation, Motor & Vehicle and many more.

Just visit the house of an ordinary customs appraiser or labour inspector and see for yourself - his life style and their wives laden with diamonds and jewelry. Just look at the furniture of the houses of the MQM ministers and women leaders to gauge the amount of wealth that they possess. Can anyone tell me why the Karachites dont, barring a very very few, join the armed forces? Simply because they can earn much more by being only a low grade clerk in any of the above mentioned departments, than being a Colonel in the army.

Yes Sir, Karachi does earn much more than 67 to 70 percent of the total revenue of Pakistan but quite a lot of it disappears. Most of it with those whose elders only a generation ago, entered Pakistan in rags and penniless but are today among the fabulously rich ones.


Rawalpindi, September 8.