ISLAMABAD - Ambassador of Argentina, Rodolfo Martin Saravia hosted a dinner to introduce new ambassadors with his intimate friends at his residence yesterday.

The new diplomats include Ambassador of Netherland, Jeannette Seppen, Spanish Ambassador Carlos Morales, Saudi Ambassador Abdullah Marzooq Alzehrani, Belgian Ambassador Frédéric Verheyden and High Commissioner of Mauritius Yusuf Elahee.

Saravia is known for making wonderful receptions and dinners because of his eleven year association and experience in Pakistan with the people from different walks of life. He has the skill to combine different political party leaders to create unity and harmony in Pakistani politics. He provides the new ambassadors an opportunity to meet people of Pakistan belonging to all walks of life.

In yesterday’s reception, Saravia’s focus was on Latin-American representation, as Cuban Ambassador Jesus Zenen Buergo, Brazilian Ambassador, Claudio Raja Lins, Qamar Tariq (Honorary Counsel General of Paraguay), Anwer Baig (Honorary Counsel General of Uruguay), Tariq Afridi (Counsel general of Peru), Senator Shibli Faraz (Honorary Counsel General of Columbia) were present there.

The Dutch ambassador is another addition to the female list of ambassadors in Islamabad. When asked how many new female ambassadors are coming to Pakistan, she replied happily that a few new European ambassadors could upgrade this list.

When asked about his activities after retirement, former Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Asif Sandhila said he is interested in some welfare and education project to help the marginalized women and people in Pakistan.

Former federal minister and incumbent Chairman Foreign Affairs Committee in the National Assembly Awais Laghari was centre of attraction for many participants.

The Ambassador of Palestine Walid Ahmad Mahmud Abu Ali was much delighted about the statement which was issued by the Pakistan Foreign Office in condemnation of Israeli brutality and for the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people. Walid also mentioned that he wrote a letter of thanks to the foreign ministry of Pakistan over the Pakistani prime minister’s speech in support of Palestinian issue in the General Assembly of United Nations.

Saravia thanked the guests in his speech. He made remarks about different participants and guests. This gesture was very much admired and welcomed by everyone present there. This shows his affiliation, familiarity, and strong bonding with the people of Pakistan.

The dinner was served in the beautiful garden of Argentina Residence with the layout plan of 8 tables with flags representing the seven countries including Argentina, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, Spain, Netherlands and Belgium. The UNO flag was displayed on the 8th table to mark the 70th anniversary of United Nations.

—The writer is a freelance contributor.