With 24 percent of the population undernourished and about 37 million people in Pakistan not receiving proper food nourishment, the issue of malnutrition in Pakistan is an immense problem. According to scientific research, the body needs a certain amount of protein and other essential nutrients for its proper functioning. But the lack of consumption of these nutrients and the increasingly poor quality of foods have resulted in a high part of the population being undernourished. 

Malnutrition in Pakistan is usually associated with poverty. Poor people, not having enough income, are usually forced to consume food with a low nutrition value which results in multiple deficiencies. Among these the most common are iodine deficiency, iron deficiency, and protein deficiency. These deficiencies lead to low energy levels, weaker bones, restricted growth, decreased immunity, along with other diseases. 

The concerned authorities should therefore join hands with food industries across Pakistan and take this matter more seriously in order to resolve this issue and prevent it from spreading any further. 


Karachi, September 22.