People believe that only education can help them to learn something before entering into practical life. Books alone won’t help students to excel. There is a need of proper education and proper system in order to make them learners. But if we consider the education system in Pakistan, many bad things are going in our education system which can lead the student toward a total destruction. 

Cramming has become a tradition in our education system. From junior level to intermediate, students are forced to learn syllabus by means of cramming. Students are forced to read out loud and repeat it until it saves in their minds. They are not allowed to use their own words and learn it. It is not the mistake of a student that chooses to become a crammer but also the teachers who encourage them to do so. Moreover the Board System doesn’t want to struggle to find the answers that are not provided in their answer keys. 

Consequently, it is ruining futures of the students, their talents. The practice of cramming should be eradicated, and students must be appreciated to be creative to write thoughts in their own words. 


Karachi, October 7.