I feel very bad to point out that I live in a village, Kohi Goth, where intoxication has become a trend. The majority of this village has moved and many are moving toward the useless habit of intoxication despite of knowing the fact that it leads to death. This includes chars, wine etc. Moreover, the young generation is falling prey just because their elders have owned this woeful habit which is why they have no reasons to forbid their young ones. 

Consequently, the ambition of education has been eradicated in children, and many children work in order to get a small amount of money for buying intoxicants. Due to using injection and drinking wine many of young boys have embraced death and left regret in their parents’ hearts. Chars (marijuana cigarette) and wine are being sold in every corner of area with no fears because they pay money to the police. 

I plead to the concerned authorities to be responsible about this issue because this is the not only the matter of some small villages. The matter is all about our country. I also advise parents to stay cautious and vary of the activities of their children. 


Karachi, October 8.