Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal has stressed that no difference exist between army and government.

Talking to media in New York, Iqbal said that the conflict has now resolved after the clarification of army spokesperson whereas he never intended to hurt anyone’s feelings. Ahsan Iqbal said that he respects every soldier of the country.

While referring to World Bank’s meeting, the minister urged that he gave his views in an optimistic tone but his words were mistaken. He asserted that they all ride in the same boat and will reach their destination if worked with unity.

He slammed Imran Khan and said that he is trying to create differences among government, judiciary and army.

While criticizing his opponents, he said that they were termed as ‘most dangerous country’ in the past but now they are being regarded as one of the ‘fastest growing economies’.

He added that it will be better if everyone is doing what they are supposed to do. He also termed Pakistan as world's fifth emerging economy. The minister said that the elements who are not happy with the country's progress will not gain anything.

"Since 2014 they are spreading discontent in the country," Iqbal said.

The interior minister said there is no rift between the national institutions and thus no threat to democracy in the country. He said that remarkable progress had been made by Pakistan in the macroeconomic sector through prudent fiscal policies which have resulted in high economic growth rate.

In reply to a query, he said CPEC does not pose any threat to any one and all countries could derive benefits from this mega project. He reiterated that instead of making China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project controversial, focus should be on solving Kashmir dispute.

The minister said relations between Pakistan and the United States are warming up. He said both the countries will have detailed discussions on all relevant issues during US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's visit to Islamabad later this month.

Iqbal urged the United States to use its influence and resolve the decades-old Kashmir dispute where people are suffering the worst atrocities at the hands of Indian occupation forces.