Once you enter GCU, you simply cannot leave GCU. – GCU alumnus ‘78.

It is agreeable that the academic campus of any educational institution has a significant role in the grooming of its students. It imparts a sense of belonging and pride to them, and later on many episodes of nostalgia. Such is the power of an academic campus and Government College University, Lahore tops the list. Built in the year 1876, the architectural style, known to be celestial gothic, best suited the academic building. This campus is indeed one of the most majestic and beautiful buildings standing in the sub-continent, with the GCU tower greeting you from even afar. Sprawling lawns combined with an intricate landscape have been integral parts of GCU’s overall perception. In the end, GCU is synonymous with Lahore. Among the most famous of Lahore colleges, it is among the first educational institutions that were established in the Punjab. Generations of students have passed through its portals and attained eminent positions in all walks of life in Pakistan.