Women are the human being that perform the role of mother, sister, daughter and a wife. They are the soft and savoury element of the world. Since 1901 women have been struggling for equal status, because of which they got the Noble Prize including Marie Curie who was honoured twice. In the past 60 years the Peace Prize has gone to eight women. Women bear the situation really well but they are not getting their rights as they deserve. Three women won the Noble Peace Prize on Friday.  

This award was won after seven years by a woman. Women are the ones who work for universal goals including for both peace and freedom. Libya and Yemen are two countries where Libya is fighting for peace and Yemen for freedom. Many global conferences were conducted for women about what they lack and what they offer. They supplant an image of victim-hood with different modes of brave and wise leadership of women. Women are performing a unique role in every field, they are called “ global peace actors”. Women are building up networks which are pushing for equality and power for women. We really salute the bravery of women working for the benefit of other global women. 

It is my humble request to the government to give more powers to women so that they can bring more peace in the globe. 


Kech, October 6.