OKARA-A 10-year-old girl was allegedly raped at Mukhtar Town here. According to police, Salma Bibi, a widow, went to bazaar for shopping in the morning leaving her two daughters-Misbah (10) and Aqsa (7)-at home.

In her absence, suspect Rashid alias Shida jumped into the house.

He raped Misbah and escaped. Later a case was registered by the police. The police had been conducting raids for the arrest of the rapist.

In another incident, two minor girls were abducted by a gang of eight suspects. Ashiq Hussain, a gypsy, his wife Iqbal Mai and children lived in a tent near Nasim Fatima Colony.

The other day, when Ashiq Hussain and Iqbal Mai were out to sell bangles eight armed men including Sohna, Nazeer, Khatak, and Mammu, sons of Bashir Dhuddi, Babar Mir Alam, Ladoo Sheikh, and Pervez Jogi of Basti Odanwali Phoolnagar with an accomplice came in a Suzuki van.

They stole Rs10,000 from the trunk under the tent, bundled the girls-Pathan Bibi (8) and Nasreen Bibi (7)-into the van and escaped. The couple was informed by the people upon their return.

The couple had earlier got their son Jugnu, an infant, recovered through police which the same suspects had kidnapped. When the police did not pay heed to the request of the couple, Iqbal Mai at last filed an application in the court of Justice Baqir Ali Najfi of Lahore High Court.

The court issued orders to the SHO A-Division Okara to register a case and recover the girls and the money. The case was registered under court orders.