Migration powers the economic growth, reduces inequalities and connects diverse societies. But unfortunately managing the migrations has been one of the toughest challenges for the international cooperation but how to make migration work for our entire nation. Since, yet it has been a political tension for the countries. However, there are nearly 6 million migrants trapped in forced labor today, often in developed economies, then how to end up the injustices prevent them recurring in future? At the very simplest level the benefits of migration should be recognized and reinforced. In fact, migration contributes to international development by sending remittance to their home countries.

Furthermore, it makes an economical contribution to the both their host and home countries. But in today’s world it has been an issue for the countries. Since, the countries think that migration affect the country’s population and the economy. But none of the countries defined and recognized its benefits accordingly. Because it has been a huge issue in boarders where several people migrated illegally and that illegal migration this not only puts them vulnerable positions, but also undermines government’s authority. The best way is as stop the illegal migration; government should place more legal pathways for migration and removing the incentives for individuals to break the rules.

Amazingly, migration should not mean suffering it is also a kind of a contribution to prosperity, development and international unity. But unfortunately, migrants are suffering in every country due to lack of a good management. As of December 2017, an estimated 655,000 to 700,000 Rohingya people have fled to Bangladesh since 25 August 2017, to avoid ethnic and religious persecution by Myanmar‘s security forces see Northern Rakhine State clashes. There are more 300,000 Rohingyas living in Bangladesh who fled in earlier wave’s violence from the Burmese government over the last three decades.

Rongya Muslims I think it is one the best examples of mismanagement of the countries. We can see their how many migrants are dying in their small cottages and campuses. Some of them are victim of diseases and some theme are dying due to not taking proper food. Then there a state can play a vital role to bring them in mainstream and to do something better for the world. If migration remains likewise none of the people will remain to migrant happily to other countries and to have a better and peaceful life.


Turbat, October 3.