Sometimes life brings terrifying moments at our front that overcoming them becomes the toughest challenge ever. Similarly, each time I tried to approach the answers of some of the dilemmatic questions in life, disparate answers came into existence which begot more and more dilemmas for me as an individual.

Ali, too, was a student who was always happy in his life. He never thought life would deceive him so strangely and at such an early stage. He was even unaware of what happiness really was, he went away leaving away all of us in thoughts to overcome. 

He was a very talented pupil in my class. He was always the topper. The best thing in him was that he never felt jealous from anyone. He was the simplest student I had ever seen in my entire life. But he was an orphan. When he was 7, his parents met with an accident and left him alone. Since then, he had been residing at his uncle's home.

Being young, Ali could not even distinguish between good and evil. Even, he was unaware of his parents who had left him alone forever. For, whenever he asked his uncle about his parents, he would make an excuse that they were abroad for some business purposes and would come back soon. Each night, for Ali, was terrifying. Every moment passed with tears trickling down on his cheeks. He could not complain to anyone but looked at the stars and moon and talked.

One day, when his uncle was not at home, his aunt became angry over him because her own son had done naughtiness. Ali asked innocently, "I did not do anything, Adda. I was just reading my books." But his aunt was cruel. She elaborated each and everything to him so rudely, "You are an orphan. Your parents have died in a road accident. We are taking care of your needs from our own expenditure. It us our goodness that we are bringing you up. Keep your mouth shut and do whatever is ordered." Tears kept falling but Ali did not react and his aunt even slapped him thrice. That entire night he could not sleep as he could only think of his parents who, he knew that day, had died.

Next day, when Ali came to school, he was distracted from his study. I, as his close friend, took him aside and asked the reason. He did not say anything. He was just repeating one sentence time and time again, "I am an orphan. I am an orphan. I am an orphan..."

After that day, Ali did not come back to school neither he went to his home. His uncle searched him all across the city but could not find him.

After almost a week, his dead body was found in a gutter. He had a letter on his hands in which a question was written, "Am I an orphan?" Ali's uncle came to know about everything afterwards. He could not do anything but was, thereafter, lost in thoughts till date; various questions, even today, are meandering in his head if Ali was really an orphan. And calls himself responsible for Ali's demise.

How easily we manage to behave with kids in the worst accent despite knowing that they have very little mindsets to bear such scars. Ali is only one example from our society; Thousands of children are the victim of social violence who end up with suicides or drugs.

Therefore, as a citizen, it is my request to everyone to give as much love to children as possible specifically to orphans. Since, they need mental support from us solely. Though they are orphans, but we must never let them feel so because who knows what life brings next. So, love the little seeds.