HYDERABAD - The International Day of Rural Women will be observed across the world including Pakistan on October 15 to laud the women role in supporting their communities.

This year’s theme is “Sustainable infrastructure, services and social protection for gender equality and the empowerment of rural women and girls.”

Talking to APP, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf leader and civil society activist Anessa Waliaullah underlined the need of elimination of gender discrimination as well as atrocities and social injustice with women. The country could not move the right direction of progress and prosperity unless the participation of the fifty percent population, she added.

Waliaullah said women consists the fifty percent population of the country and it is the dynamic leadership of Imran Khan which created awareness among the women and now they are ready to play their due role for the progress and prosperity of the country. The PTI has made effective plans for the women development in the country, she said and added that now the skilled women would have no issue in finding jobs in every field of life.

She called upon the women representatives to play their vital role in the improvement of socio economic condition of the fifty percent population both in urban and rural parts of the country.

Sindhi writer and human right activist and Professor Ammar Sindhu called upon all the organizations working for betterment of women to bridge the gap in between urban and rural women to bring all women into the mainstream and make them equal participants in the society.

Amar Sindhu said that traditionally, women day is being celebrated in all big cities, leaving the rural women as unaware about their rights and responsibilities.

Social worker & Child Rights Defender Social Activist Ms. Kumari Pushpa

said that traditionally women day were being celebrated in all big cities, leaving the rural women as unaware about their rights and responsibilities.

Coordinator Aurat Foundation & Associate professor at University of Sindh Arfana Mallah said the NGOs and opinion leaders, working for betterment of the women should work more for the girls’ education and arrange informative programs special at rural areas.

She said that encouragement of women industrial homes, vocational training centers for women were the steps of the district government to make them enable to earn their livelihood.

Mallah said that due to lack of awareness, the women are unable to know about their rights and in this direction a comprehensive campaign should be launched so that the women could achieve their guaranteed Rights.

Incharge, Women Development Department (WDD) Syeda Qurat Shah share her views that rural women play a major role in running the house affairs even they had to go into the bushes and collect firewood in the remote areas where there is neither gas nor electricity. The women are still facing numerous challenges in their everyday life, she added.

She said that the main purpose of celebrating the day is to ensure efforts for the promotion of constitutional protection to women. Different Governmental & Non Governmental Organizations & groups are conducting different seminars and conferences to highlight the struggles of rural women.