KARACHI - Police booked a shop owner and a cop for killing a citizen here on Sunday.

Police registered a case for killing a 50-year-old Ghulam Sarwar, son of Hussain Buksh, by a mobile phone shop owner Rana Saleem and his accomplice Uzair Khan, who is a policeman and works at the Counter-Terrorism Department near Cantonment Station within the limits of Frere police station on Saturday.

The police on Sunday registered an FIR No 166\18 under Section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code on behalf of victim’s widow, namely Mumtaz Bibi.

The complainant in her statement to the police stated that deceased Sarwar was not a robber but the shop owner and his policeman friend killed him while portrayed him as robber. She said that that her husband had already informed his wife about a cell phone which he mistakenly bring to a home from a mobile shop and wanted to return the phone to shop owner.

She said that following the instruction of deceased husband she rushed to Frere police station along with her son and handed a cell phone over to an accused policeman.

She sought to meet her husband but cops did not allowed while some of the cops demanded bribe to arrange meeting with her husband and also to resolve the issue. She was unable to bribe but insisting to see her husband which resulting policemen at the police station misbehaved with her and demanding Rs50,000 as bribe. She got back to home where she received phone calls from police station informed about the Sarwar death and informed about the body lying at Jinnah Hospital, she explained.

The widow demanded the police high ups to take stern action against those involved in her husband’s killing as well as those policemen who misbehaved with her and demanded bribe.

Frere SHO Chaudhry Saeed Akhtar said that deceased had a head injury. “Basically, deceased did not snatched or stolen a cell phone from a shop but he cheated another citizen,” the officer explained. “The cell phone was purchased by another person who had a flight to Saudi Arabia and the deceased received his cell phone from a shop on a behalf of a receipt which the shop owner gave to that person.” The man who was the actual owner of a cell phone had been left for Saudi Arabia while the deceased had his cell phone, adding that the situation turned violent when the shop owner found a deceased two days after the incident and demanded a cell phone but he deny. Upon which, the shop owner along with his friend started beaten him up, said the officer, added that the case has been registered while further investigation was underway.