Islamabad -  Speakers at a technical session organised here by Institution of Engineers Pakistan, Rawalpindi-Islamabad Centre called for strict compliance with the ISO standard in businesses, industries and services sector to ensure human safety and secure work environment.

While deliberating upon ISO/IEC Standard 17020:2012, they said quality assurance of relevant organisations and inspection bodies with accreditation would ensure healthy practices and help the country’s positive image building both home and abroad, a press release on Sunday said.

Engineer Najmuddin was the resource person at the session that was chaired by Vice Chancellor Karakoram International University Gilgit-Baltistan Dr Atta Ullah Shah, while the Centre’s chairman Engr. Hafiz M. Ehsanul Haq Qazi was also present on the occasion.

The event was part of the continuing professional development (CPD) programme under license from Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), arranged by the Centre to create awareness amongst the engineers, other professionals and public at large about the issues of technical and public importance.

It also provides opportunities to the young engineers to meet their seniors and learn from their expertise, experience and technical knowledge.

Najamuddin, Head of CPD and Secretary IEP-RIC spoke in detail about the various clauses of the ISO Standard 17020, highlighting importance of technical inspections under the standard for ensuring quality of products and installations.

He asserted that human health and safety should be a paramount factor in the accreditation process, over and above meeting WTO requirements to capture International market.

Achieving effective inspection in accordance with relevant standard is important in maintaining the safety of plant, machinery, equipment, structures and systems in operation.

To overcome life-threatening aspects of different installations like cranes, lifts, boilers and CNG cylinders, the inspection process must be made.

Dr Atta Ul Shah in his remarks emphasised strengthening quality control at all levels. Minimum quality standard must be applied even for educational practices. He also urged for developing monitoring mechanism at the institutional level to ensure the required quality standard.