The condition of government hospitals is very pathetic. Doctors of government hospitals do not pay attention towards the patients. There is no check on the behaviour of doctors. On the other hand, doctors in private hospitals are better in behaviour with the patients. In fact, they are answerable to the seniors and also because there is a check and balance by the administration of the private hospitals. Patients who go to the government hospitals have not enough expensive to get treatment in private hospitals. Moreover, there is non-availability of medicines in the govt hospitals and concerned staff expresses lame excuses to the people.  

Our leaders are not interested about these issues. When our leaders need medical check-up, they always fly off to Europe. The government should take serious steps to put doctors under tight inspection on the pattern of private hospitals. At private hospitals, doctors give respect to the patients, behave well with them, create good environment and provide details to the patients of their medical reports.  

I must say that government hospitals are in poor condition. It shows lack of interest of the provincial government. They take no interest in health system. Doctors do not give any proper attention to the patients. Due to population increase, the civil hospitals are overpopulated which the administration is not able to manage properly. I hope the new coming government would work on this and give good medical treatment to every citizen. 


Lahore, October 3.