ISLAMABAD  -  Finance Minister Asad Umar on Sunday briefed Prime Minister Imran Khan on his meeting with officials of International Monetary Fund on the bailout package and its impact on national economy.

It was decided in the meeting that the government would take the nation into confidence that the tough decisions it was going to take was for bringing back the economy on track which was derailed due to alleged massive corruption and ill-planned economic policies of the previous governments of the PML-N and PPP.

The meeting, which was also joined by Adviser to the Prime Minister on Commerce, Textile, Investment, Industry and Production Abdul Razaq Dawood, also discussed the direct negative impact of the IMF bailout package on the people and it was agreed that for sprucing up the national economy, the government has to take the tough decision.

Insiders in the ruling PTI revealed that Prime Minister Imran Khan would likely take the nation into confidence on overall economic condition and the havoc played with it by the successive previous governments of the PPP and the PML-N over the past one decade.

Prime Minister Imran Khan would address the nation on state television sometime during the week starting today (Monday) and in this connection, the finance minister and other members of the government’s financial team would be preparing points to tell the people of Pakistan about the havoc played with the national economy by the successive governments of the past.

The meeting which was organised at Prime Minister’s Banni Gala residence took detailed view of the impact of IMF bailout package.

It was further decided in the meeting that the government would also take the Parliament into confidence on its plan to approach the IMF and on terms and conditions of the bailout package.

Earlier, during the briefing, the finance minister informed the premier about the loans taken by the previous governments of PML-N and PPP. Umar also informed the premier about bleak state of foreign exchange reserves.

On the other hand, Dawood also informed the premier about the steps being taken by the government to enhance exports and trade.

Imran Khan vowed to bring Pakistan out of the current economic turmoil. He asked his economic team to take such initiatives which would bar shifting economic burden on poor and ordinary people.