Islamabad/Rawalpindi  -  A female student of Nursing College of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences lodged harassment complaint against her teacher, however; the administration instead of addressing the grievance of the victim student is allegedly pressurising her to back-off from the complaint filed, The Nation learned on Sunday.

Documents available with The Nation disclosed that the student *Simran (her real name is held on her request) lodged two applications in 7 days with PIMS Executive Director Dr Raja Amjad Mehmood, requested him to take action against the accused from which she said that she was feeling insecure.

A senior official said that in 7 days, the administration did not take any serious action against the teacher involved, however; adopted pressurising tactics, urging Simran to take back her complaint against the teacher.

The student was enrolled in the second year of the Nursing College of PIMS, and was under training at Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH), Rawalpindi.

According to a well placed source within the Nursing College, Tahir Mehmood was earlier also detained and grilled by investigators of cyber crimes of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on charges of harassing sexually and blackmailing some other nurses of the Nursing College.

The student alleged that Tahir Mehmood, who is in the teaching staff of the College, has been harassing her for more than a year and threatened her of dire consequences in case of no ‘cooperation’ with him as per his terms and conditions.

“You look smart and you will get good marks in exams if you do friendship and keep relations with me,” said Simran in her written statement she tendered with the PIMS administration.

Simran said that she initially ignored the messages of Tahir Mehmood but finally responded him to stop teasing her and respect the relation of a teacher and student.

She alleged that in her response, Tahir became more aggressive and started torturing her and luring with different offers.

“He lured me to go to Lahore with him and stay there in a hotel for 2 days,” Simran mentioned in the application.

However, when she refused again, Tahir started threatening her of failing her in the exam and expelling her from the college and university.

“When I refused to bow before his illegal demands, he followed me at the BBH, on which I complained to the deputy director also,” writes Simran in her statement.

According to Simran, she finally brought the matter into the notice of his wife, SM, who is also employed as instructor in the same college, but she also took side of his husband and asked her to tighten her lips or else she might earn social disrespect or would be kicked out of job and the college.

Simran alleged in the application, “When I went to Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University (SZABMU) on September 24 to get my Detailed Marks Certificate (DMC), I was called in my teacher’s room, where Tahir Mehmood was already present before my arrival,”

“There Tahir, in front of his wife, SM and another female instructor, RR, misbehaved and tried to physically assault me,” she alleged.

The student also urged the administration to check mobile data of her and the accused teacher for verification of her claims.

However, the previous complaint was still not addressed and the student again had to knock the doors of the PIMS ED office, with another application when the senior staff starting forcing her to back-off from her case.

She alleged that instructor RR and male nurse Imam Din called her for meeting on October 4 in office, where they confined her in a room, confiscated her mobile and forced her for one hour to take back her complaint against Tahir.

“What will be the decision of harassment committee, so it is better we should resolved it here. They made me an offer,” Simran said in the application.

She said that the senior nursing staff offered that Tahir would apologise to her in front of whole class if she withdraws her complaint from higher authorities.

She also said that the college principal also refused to take her application and showed her the door, alleging her of defaming her reputation.

Simran urged the PIMS administration to provide her security as she felt insecure in the current circumstances and to take stern action against Tahir Mehmood.

Meanwhile, the victim also approached Kashmala Tariq, federal ombudsperson on protection against harassment of women at workplace, who also took notice of the issue and directed the PIMS administration to submit their inquiry report as soon as possible. Kashmala also contacted the victim nurse and assured her punitive action against the accused.

A source disclosed to The Nation that Tahir Mehmood has been running an undercover gang of teachers and other staff in the nursing college involved in harassing the nurses sexually. The members of gang headed by Tahir Mehmood used to harass sexually and blackmail each and every newcomer and unmarried nurse through different ways. “Many females nurses were harassed sexually by the gang members but the victims stitched their lips either due to pressure of the gang members or fear of social disrespect,” sources said.

He added that another nurse, Sumaira Abbasi, who was from Kashmir and doing Specialisation in OT from the Nursing College, had lodged complaint with the FIA Cyber Crimes against Tahir Mehmood for blackmailing her. Two other nurses Ayesha Sadaf and Shakeela Sadaf of the Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology (RIC) had also sought the FIA help against the gang members including Tahir Mehmood, he said.

Source mentioned that the FIA arrested Tahir Mehmood and grilled him for four days.

The accused was released only after he tendered his written apology with investigators, sources said.

After his release, Tahir Mehmood avoided harassing the nurses for some time but later he and his gang again started committing the sin in the educational institution, he said.

ED PIMS Dr Raja Amjad Mehmood and Nursing College teacher Tahir Mehmood were repeatedly contacted on their cell phones for their response and queries were also sent to them but none of them responded. Instead, Tahir Mehmood, the accused, made many senior journalists to phone to The Nation correspondents with a request to not go into press against him.

However, PIMS spokesman Dr Wasim Khawaja, when contacted for his version, said in rough tone, “If the student has filed application, the administration will form an inquiry committee to probe the matter and will decide the case on merit.”

rahul basharat/israr ahmed