islamabad  -  On the arrival of Prime Minister Imran Khan in Mohra Noor for polling his vote on Saturday, the residents and voters experienced a lot of troubles due to the security protocol.

According to PML-N supporters and voters, the process of polling remained stopped for more than one and a half hour.

They also declared the VVIP security protocol of PM Imran Khan as a tactic to rig the by elections in NA-53. Meanwhile, the residents of Banni Gala also faced the worst traffic  jam.

Earlier, PM Imran Khan arrived at Mohra Noor School at Bani Gala to poll his vote.

Islamabad Police and other law enforcement agencies blocked all the roads leading to the school where the polling station was set up.

“I arrived here to cast my vote in favour of my favourite candidate but the police stopped me due to security protocol of PM,” said Ahmed Khan, a voter.

He said that it was PM Imran Khan and his aides who protested against the status quo and VVIP culture but now they were enjoying protocol after coming into power.

“Our candidate is in winning position as scores of his supporters have come out of their houses to cast their votes today.

This made PTI and its chairman scary and they made a plan to stop polling by imposing VVIP security route for PM,” said Shahwaiz, a PML-N supporter.  Many other voters expressed their deep concerns over security protocol led to delay in polling.