KAMALIA-Officials of different state departments said during the plantation of 800 saplings at Wildlife Park, Kamalia that trees played an important role in keeping the environment clean.

Talking to media, they stated that environment was pleasant when there were a large number of trees around. “The situation of climate change around the world is getting worse due to increasing environmental pollution and tree logging,” he said, and adding that global warming had also risen due to decrease in trees across the globe.

“The tree plantation campaigns can improve not only the environment but also can increase natural beauty of our surroundings,” he said. He added that in the coming years, drastic measures would be required to plant maximum trees to avoid environmental destruction. He stated that participation of the civil society was of special importance in this regard.

On the occasion, a total of 800 saplings were planted at Wildlife Park Kamalia by Environment Protection Department (EPD) Assistant Director Shamim Ahmed, EPD Inspector Irfan Khan Khatran, Wildlife Department District Officer Syed Baqir Abbas, and Two Star Sugar Mills Kamalia Deputy Manager Kashif Daar.