LAHORE - The Wish Foundation is organising U-19 Lyari Super League at KPT Stadium, Karachi from October 20 to November 4 to engage talented youth of Lyari in healthy football activity.

Suhail Baluch of Wish Foundation told The Nation that Karachi Port Trust (KPT) has very graciously allowed the foundation to arrange a football tournament in KPT Stadium, for which they are grateful to KPT. There will be 16 teams competing against each another and their trials were held recently to select the best in the business.

He said that to manage and arrange the tournament in an organised and accomplished manner, the Wish Foundation is in need of funds. “I have requested all my friends to kindly donate whatever they can and participate in this noble cause, other than friends Unilever, Serene Air and Volta have promised to donate for this worthy and righteous cause.

“Other than education and sports, the biggest problem being faced by the residents of Lyari is clean drinking water. Nearly, everyone whom I visited requested that if the foundation can arrange for it at different locations in Lyari. We are planning to arrange at least 4 spots where we can get boring done and install small filtration plants to provide drinking water. I would request you to help and assist the foundation in whatever way you can,” he added.