LAHORE      -      The DHA Golf Club team won the Sind Inter Club Golf Championship 2019, which concluded at the DHA Golf and Country Club Golf Course in Karachi. The championship was arranged by Sind Golf Association (SGA) and Pakistan Golf Federation (PGF), which was contested among four clubs of Sind including Airmen Golf Club , Arabian Sea Golf Club , Karachi Golf Club and DHA Golf Club . Each club team comprise of two golf professionals, four amateur golfers, two junior golf professionals, two junior boys, two junior girls, two ladies and two senior amateurs.  DHA Karachi Golf Club team combination played cohesively to compile a winning aggregate of 30 points. As for the runner-up team, Karachi Golf Club’s score was 24 points. Airmen Golf Club and Arabian Sea Golf Club did not achieve any notable position.  For the champion DHA Club, Humaira Khalid and Nida Huq netted vital six points while from junior amateurs, Omar Khalid and Junaid Irfan played well, M Saqlain and M Fayyaz were top professionals, Vivek Anand, Kashif Shabbir, Nadeem Iftikhar and Hamza Ghani amateurs and Qazi Amir Hussain and Maj M Irfan senior amateurs. DHA Golf Club will now face the top clubs of Punjab, KP and Balochistan to decide the champion club of Pakistan.