Sindh government has decided to squeeze the merit by sending back the highly qualified, meritorious, industrious and real change makers of public sector in education department. The biggest crime of 957 HMs is to be selected on pure merit without political back and reference.

Their charge sheet is as follows.

They up lifted the crippling , gloomy and devastated educational system of public sector from very traditional and conventional to modern one. They tried to raise the standards of public sector as equal to private sector. They brought back the glory of public sector in couple of years. It was their performance owing to which they won back the trust of community and civil society. They taught the poor, downtrodden and broken people of lower class.

They opened ghost schools and compelled the ghost teachers to be regular.

They built the concept of team work. They changed the entire fabric of public sector and raised standards. Resultantly, the influx of students from private sector, joined public sector.

It was because of their performance that Minister of education Syed Sardar shah promised for their regularization.

The speeches in praise of IBA HMs and regarding the success were made on the floor of assembly.

Mr. Fazulullah Pechuho honourable minister then answered in reply to question asked by one of the students about the future of IBA HMs said that their future was bright . He further added that they were not appointed to be fired.

Now question spranges up that if government is satisfied and benefited from the work of IBA HMs then what is need to reconduct the test. Whereas, they are already tested. When ministers, secretaries like Fazulullah Pechuho, Abdul. Azi Uqeli and even present secretary, community, every one lauds the performance then what compels the present secretary of education to make the influx of talent free from job. Sindh province already faces multiple problems including unemployment. Hence, do not create an economic disaster in the families of 957 IBA HMs.

Moreover, its fifth year from advertisement to now and most of us have become over aged. If deprived from this job, we will have one option of cuddling and committing suicide. We are very optimist that PPP has never snatched job from any one. Thus we request Bilal bhutto zardari, CM Sindh to regularise IBA HMs and save 957 families.