Supreme Court (SC) while issuing notice to PEMRA has adjourned the hearing of issuance of more TV Channel licenses case for indefinite time.

A two member bench of SC presided over by Justice Mansoor Ali Shah took up for hearing PBA application against issuance of licenses by PEMRA for more TV channels Tuesday.

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah remarked what is your case. Tell us.

The counsel told the court distributors have not such capacity to show more channels.

Justice Yahya Afridi remarked “we hand over this matter to PEMRA.

The counsel said PEMRA and not PBA is concerned institution in this case.

The counsel said Islamabad High Court disposed of the matter on chairman PEMRA affidavit. IHC should have decided the case on merit. There are 2200 operators in all over the country. In the case of more than 80 channels , the future of any TV channel will be left at the mercy of cable operators. Cable operators are of the view that they can show 106 channels which is not correct.

The counsel said cable operators have neither digital system nor have DTH.

The court while issuing notice to PEMRA adjourned the hearing of the case indefinitely.