Heart sheds the tears of blood and humanity feels embarrassed having witnessed Lahore-Sialkot motorway tragedy. Human brutality transgressed its limits when the woman was outraged of her modesty barbarously in front of her three innocent children, crying helplessly for assistance, Alas! None felt the responsibility to save her from perpetual damnation. It breaks me into pieces and shakes my existence to reckon the pain of the woman, cries of little angels and their plea to save their mother from cruel molestation of the beasts. The Punjab police pontificated that the route was unsafe, then why was that made functional? Whose responsibility was it to provide security to the motorway? These questions strike the mind of everyone.

It is ruthless to question the piety and sanctity of the woman going out with her children at midnight, instead, the government should acknowledge its incompetence and failure of law and order. Punjab police as well the government officials seem vague and unclear as to how to probe the case so far. It further saddens me to note how the woman will survive in this two-fold conventional society, where myriads of satirists will suspect her character. It is also a matter of immense excruciation to ponder how those guiltless children will bear the brunt of criticism and anguish. It shatters my mind to think about how the victims will integrate into this oppressive system. It is strongly demanded that the culprits be immediately arrested and put behind the bars and be given severe punishment for their heinous crime. We, all Pakistanis, have to stand by the victims and be useful to them in this grim situation. The government should compensate for the collateral damage to the inflicted family and take all measures to integrate them.