LAHORE - The Good Governance team of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar visited Minister’s Delivery Unit (MDU) at the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department here on Wednesday and suggested replicating the MDU model to other departments to improve governance, performance and service delivery. 

Party Coordinator to Chief Minister Punjab and Secretary General Good Governance PTI Punjab Col (retd), Ejaz Minhas, Central Deputy Secretary General PTI Mir Omer Farooq Meyer and other officials visited the Surveillance Complex. 

Members of the Minister Delivery Unit Majid Rafique, Wajihuddin Khan and Adnan Jamil welcomed the visiting team. The MDU is an initiative of Dr Yasmin Rashid to bring fresh ideas, improve monitoring and develop alternate perspectives of situations. Col (retired), Ejaz Minhas appreciated Dr Yasmin Rashid for developing a platform that can serve as bridge between ruling party and the government for implementation of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s reform agenda.  Coordinator to Health Minister Wajih-ud-din Khan gave a presentation on the model of the Minister’s Delivery Unit sharing that the MDU comprised core team of Punjab Health Minister and served as bridge between political and administrative wings of the government. 

The Unit, he said, includes volunteers as we well as Department officials, who provide background data and research for evidence-based decision making. Majid Rafique said that the MDU provides Political Oversight for reforms in line with vision of PM, Chief Minister and Minister Health and ensures follow up on new initiatives suggesting interventions and plans to achieve reform agenda. Manager Communication MDU Sajjad Hafeez presented a brief summary of two years performance under the leadership of Dr Yasmin Rashid. He shared that the UN Sustainable Development Goals laid down the basis of key health initiatives including infrastructure projects and institutional reforms. He shared key strategies to control global dengue spike in year 2019 and Corona Pandemic in 2020, both acknowledged by leading world bodies including WHO and UNICEF. 

A presentation was also given on how advancement of Reforms Agenda through Internal Audit regime set up on instructions of the Minister Health. 

Col (retired), Ejaz Minhas said the model of MDU was very effective as it strengthened synergy between the legislature and the executive. 

He shared that the model may be replicated and introduced in other departments to improve performance and service delivery.