ISLAMABAD - Former Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf yesterday said that federal government had left the people helpless and hopeless.

Speaking at a news conference here along with Nazir Dhoki, he said the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf-led government had washed away the dreams and hopes of the people and instability had engulfed the country. The Pakistan People’s Party leader said that the government had promised five million homes and 10 million jobs but the promise remained unfulfilled. 

“It is ironic that the session of Senate and National Assembly has been summoned during the dates of PDM (Pakistan Democratic Movement) public gatherings. The parliament is being run by cheating the members and the people of Pakistan. The PDM will fight the people’s case in and outside the parliament,” he said. 

Ashraf said the government had opened a front against the opposition since the PDM and its programme was announced. “We wanted Imran Khan to be the prime minister of entire Pakistan but he chose to be the PM of only his party PTI. Every minister and spokesman is on television addressing press conferences for hours from morning till night. Why all this commotion if people are not with opposition?” he asked. Ashraf said that PDM will fight for real democracy in the country inside the parliament and on the streets. 

“During the PPP government - 2008-2013 - Pakistan was an exporter of wheat whereas during this PTI-led government we have wheat crisis and wheat is being imported,” he added. 

PDM will fight for ‘real’ democracy in the country, inside parliament and on streets

He said that during PPP’s tenure in government, opposition was free to hold public gathering and take out rallies. “There was not a single political prisoner in the country during the PPP government. Now there are 60 to 65 ministers, advisers and special assistants but all are inept and incapable. If these ministers and spokesmen say that public will not attend the gatherings in Gujranwala then why the government is so disturbed,” he added.

Ashraf said that government has taken billions of dollars loan but is unable to stabilize economy. The PPP-led government fought terrorism, hoisted Pakistani flag on Swat once again, repatriated 2.5 million temporary displaced people, he added. 

The PPP-led government, he said, gave food security to the country and became a wheat exporting nation. Pakistani growers were prospering but now they are in bad situation. 

“The government employees are protesting in Islamabad for many days but no one is there to allay their reservations and provide them relief. Price hike in food commodities has become unbearable for the common people of Pakistan,” the former PM said.

He said that PDM rally in Gujranwala will be the start of dismantling of this government. He condemned the arrest of PPP workers in Gujranwala who were busy in preparing for the rally and demanded their immediate release. 

The PPP leader claimed that the government was trembling and in chaos since this rally was announced.