KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s (PTI) MPA Sindh Raja Azhar visited Jinnah hospital following the complaints of patients on Tuesday night. He went round to the various wards of the hospital and got information about the facilities, according to a PTI spokesperson.  Patients complained, ‘Our operations are being delayed for two years.’ Speaking on the occasion, Raja Azhar said that he visited the hospital on the complaints of the patients.  He said that he witnessed poor condition at ward number 17. He also criticised the provincial health minister for the poor condition in the hospital.  He said that secretary of health was also not ready to attend the call. Raja said that patients from Khiarpur Mirs, Mirpurkhas and other districts had been staying there for two months.  He said that patients who used their contacts were treated in better way and others were left unattended.  He further alleged that the patients purchased medicines and equipments for operation themselves outside of the hospital.