ATTORNEY General Sardar Latif Khosa's observation that Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry cannot be reinstated as Chief Justice even if President Asif Ali Zardari wishes to do so, can only be described as a lame excuse. Talking to a private television channel on Saturday, he said that the process of restoring deposed judges was not yet complete and a number of judges had contacted the government to seek reinstatement. The argument that Justice Abdul Hamid Dogar was the chief justice because he had been appointed in this position by President Musharraf is devoid of logic since it does not grant legitimacy to an illegal act committed on November 3 and is also a grand betrayal of the movement which paved the way for return to democracy and end of illegitimate Musharraf rule. Mr Khosa claims that the PPP-led government started bringing the deposed judges back to their chambers only after other coalition partners refused to support an amendment to the constitution for their restoration. But he need not forget that the PPP floated the idea of introducing a constitutional package after reneging on its commitment to restore these judges through an executive order backed by a National Assembly resolution. The AG must be fully aware of the situation because when the lawyers were planning to re-launch their movement to keep pressure on the mainstream parties to adhere to their commitment about reinstatement in the light of the Bhurban Declaration, he was among a group of five members of the Pakistan Bar Council who had requisitioned the Council's meeting in full strength to consider the planned protest as a threat to parliamentary democracy. They had a point that the political leadership should be afforded full opportunity to fulfil their promise to restore the judiciary to the November 2 status within 30 days. But it was also seen as an attempt to divide the legal fraternity so that the PPP leadership could be relieved of the pressure being exerted on it by coalition partners to honour its commitment to reinstate the deposed judges through an executive order. It bears repeating to Mr Khosa who no longer supports Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry's reinstatement that he had been on the forefront of the movement after General Musharraf staged a judicial coup in anticipation of an adverse verdict against his candidature for the presidency. Those who believe that the judges issue will be resolved by administering fresh oaths to the deposed members of the superior judiciary willing to return to their chambers must be mistaken. One can understand the reasons for President Zardari's opposition to the reinstatement of Chief Justice Chaudhry. But then Mr Khosa would be doing injustice to his office by toeing the party line rather than advising the government to prevent the issue from turning into a constitutional crisis by restoring all the judges through an executive order.