ISLAMABAD - Center for Media and Democracy Pakistan (CMD) has demanded of the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC), Qazi Muhammad Farooq to take legal action against all those legislators of NWFP Assembly who had violated the secrecy of ballot during the presidential election held on Sep 6, 2008.            "The Election Commission (EC) should take notice of this violation and we are sure that this action would strengthen the state institutions and would ensure the supremacy of the rule of law in the country," said CMD spokesperson after a monthly meeting of the CMD Board of Directors here on Sunday.             The spokesperson said that the nation had achieved a democratic government after a decade-long struggle against a dictator and no such act should be adopted by the elected representatives of the people which could provide the anti-democratic forces with an opportunity to derail the democratic process.             "We should not let the autocratic forces laugh at the democrats and the elected representatives of the masses. The legislators should act in accordance with law proving themselves a role model for others so as the people could follow them," she added.           The CMD spokesperson said the Election Commission had conducted a free, fair and transparent election in the country and the credit should be given to Chief Election Commissioner and his team.         "All those legislators who have made the sanctity of ballot a laughing stock during the presidential poll should be dealt with as per law. This act was not only a breach of the sanctity of the ballot but also against the democratic norms. We hope the CEC would monitor the future political process so as the democratic process could nourish in the country and could not be derailed again," she added.            The CMD also asked the politicians to exhibit more responsibility as the entire nation has pinned their hopes on them for playing a leadership role.  She said the country has embarked upon real democracy as an elected government is in place, it is high time for the rulers to provide relief to the poor and needy.            "The nation has rendered sacrifices for democracy and now it's politicians turn to take steps for providing immediate relief to the masses who are facing the crushing burden of skyrocketing price hike, inflation, energy crisis, law and order, menace of terrorism and sectarianism. We hope that the government would take steps for the poor so as the quest for daily-use items including atta (flour), cooking oil, vegetables and etc could be ended and prices could be brought down," she said.