Australian cricketers' double standard regarding security situation became evident after they decided to go ahead with the tour of India despite serial blasts in the capital city on Saturday which killed 22 people and injured about 130. It was feared that Australian tour to India would also be postponed after the blasts or at least Australian cricketers would express some security concerns. But nothing such happened and Cricket Australia decided to go ahead with the tour setting aside any affect of recent blasts. Australian Cricketers Association has termed India safe as compared to Paksitan and said tour should not be postponed. "The threat assessment for India has been considerably lower than that of Pakistan," Paul Marsh, the chief executive of the Australian Cricketers' Association told The Australian. But Australia know now that they have decided to travel to India, they will face the "heat" from the Asian bloc. After they refused to travel to Pakistan, accusations of "double standards" are likely to be thrown at them.  "There might be some who criticise us for double standards," Marsh told the local media. "But people need to understand our starting point is that we always want to tour. We go to extreme lengths to obtain the best advice on the situation of each country we visit.