KARACHI - Incompetent officials of CDGK are unable to understand the significance and importance of 'City Owner' registration campaign which had been launched by City Nazim Mustafa Kamal on August 14. The campaign was aimed to invite citizens to give two hours in a week, voluntarily, for civic services envisaged community participating for the betterment of the City. Low response by the officers concerned leads to the less participation of the citizens, The Nation has learnt on Sunday.   The number of participants who contacted to participate in the City Owner's campaign, from celebrities to common citizens, are around 12,000 but so far only 30 per cent of them got the identification of City Owner's campaign card which is necessary to participate in "I own Karachi" campaign. City Nazim Mustafa Kamal last month chalk out the details of the programme in the presence of 18 town nazims to bring the campaign at grass root level and as well citizens from all walks of life including from celebrities like renowned cricketer Shahid Afridi to Fatima Surayyia Bajia welcome the nazim's move and assured him of their full support. The girls students of Karachi University (KU) to Aga Khan community volunteers came forward in this campaign and controlled traffic at various parts of the City. The interested volunteers roaming all around in the Civic Center to get them registered in the campaign but the officials, by taking advantage of Ramazan, keep themselves away from the spot and volunteers failed to get the registration.   Sources said that more then 11,000 registration forms have been issued for interested citizens but the response was only between 20 to 30 per cent. During one month period around 12,000 interested people contacted CDGK to make them volunteer and forms had been to issued them but only 20 to 30 per cent cards had been issued. Kamal, on the occasion of launching the campaign, said that whatever the loopholes and weakness would come forward during the campaign it would be addressed and measures would be taken to increase the number of participants which would make the campaign more effective. Time has come for the city government to take steps to make the campaign more effective as Eid is coming, commercial centres and shopping centres would effect in the forthcoming days and city volunteers would be helpful in those days to resolve traffic, cleanliness and other civic problems. Scores of interested volunteers are still waiting to get City Owners' cards, as without any identification card they could not perform any services. It may be noted that a group of Aga Khan Community volunteers came forward during Ramazan last week and controlled the traffic for two hours at Numaish Chowrangi. Besides number of Memon communities' volunteers, Bohra Community in Saddar and some other communities are interested to participate in the ongoing campaign but due to the sluggishness of the city government officials, the volunteers are failed to participate in the campaign.