Bambino, the cinema I mean, was the biggest thing that hit the Karachi film scene in the 1960s. As a kid I was treated to a late night show in its top balcony (showing Lawrence of Arabia). This was the only hall in city that could project 70 mm films, and the only one ever in Karachi, I believe, to have a double balcony. The fact that Hakim Ali Zardari, a Sindhi, owned it made the Sindhis proud (not that they got any discount on seats). Mr Hakim Ali Zardari became even more famous when his son married into the Bhutto household. Asif Ali Zardari, the son, is now set to become President of Pakistan after being in prison for 11 years. My friends tell me that that the Swiss courts have just released $60 million of Asif Zardari's frozen accounts. Much earlier there was news to the effect that Asif owned a big mansion in Surrey. Lately a list of his assets has been floating on the internet. One cannot be certain about the authenticity of this list. It is clear, though, that even if Asif inherited the Bambino cinema, he would not be as rich as these reports claim. I think Asif Ali Zardari should fully declare his assets. But Mr Nawaz Sharif should also justify the enormous wealth that he acquired courtesy General Zia's benevolence. -DR LILA THADANI, Nawabshah, via e-mail, September 1.