KARACHI - PPP deputy secretary general and Senator Raza Rabbani vowed that PPP led coalition government would not allow any external power to violate the integrity of the country. He was speaking at an Iftar party hosted by PPP Karachi East chapter President Zulfiqar Qaimkhani. PPP leader elaborated that there was no contradiction between the Government and armed forces on the integrity and defense of the country adding that our army had capacity to defend every inch of the motherland. He added that it was only the right of army of Pakistan to wage operation against the militants in tribal areas and no other force would be given permission to carry on operation weather, it was NATO or Afghan forces. He vowed that the Government would defend the ideological as well as geographical boundaries of the country. Moreover, he claimed that if the enemy does not respect the international norms of politics, we would not hesitate to wage war against the enemy. Speech aimed at dispelling the impression that PPP-led government hadn't adopted hard-line on the issue of defense. He also added that the PM and President had clear stance on the tribal areas. Raza Rabbani said that PPP government wouldn't disappoint downtrodden people. He said that anti-democracy forces were conspiring against the PPP-led government saying that these forces were seeking confrontation between the government and the armed forces. "They must learn from past mistakes and they shouldn't repeat those mistakes. People will not tolerate plots any more," he warned. Qaim Ali Shah reiterated in his speech his oft-repeated viewpoint that his government would come up to the expectations of the masses. We shall go door to door, know people's problems and solve them at the earliest possible," he said. He added that people had firm belief in the leadership of Benazir Bhutto and PPP government would keep this belief intact by serving them without any discrimination.