WASHINGTON - U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama has raised a total of 66 million U.S. dollars in August, when he was officially nominated at the party's national convention, his campaign said on Sunday. The figure made last month another record fundraising month for the Illinois Senator, the first African-American to contest the nation's top post,  after he raised 55 million dollars in February during the primary season. According to his campaign, his new record was made thanks to more than a half million new donors in the month, leaving him with more than 77 million dollars in cash on hand. On the other hand, his Republican presidential rival, John McCain raised about 47 million dollars in August. With no more than two months left before the November election day, the two presidential candidates are chasing each other in the numbers of voters and campaign fund. Obama has earlier given up public financing for the general election, and chosen to finance his campaign with donation from his supporters, while McCain accepted public financing with a limit of his direct spending at 84 million dollars.