It is gratifying to note that our elected President has realized the need for a cheaper source of energy as is evident from his reply to a question in his first press conference. He must know that hydel power is the cheapest source of energy. In the fifth 5 years plan, government of Pakistan had allocated funds for preparation of feasibility report of Kalabagh dam, which was considered most appropriate and vital for our energy future by almost all engineers/experts of Pakistan. A huge amount was spent on preparation of a feasibility report and building of a WAPDA colony at site. The work on project was to commence in the sixth 5-year plan. But somehow it was made controversial by the politicians of NWFP and Sindh. The successive governments of PPP and Muslim League could not solve this complex issue. Now that PPP is in complete control of three provinces and the center, it should make an effort in this regard. The President is equipped with all the powers to do so and he says he feels strongly about the necessity of cheap energy. Pakistanis have pinned high hopes on President that he will prevail upon his coalition partners to shun their differences for a higher national cause. They all must agree on construction of this dam, if not as Kalabagh dam, with whatever other name they wish to do it. By constructing this dam, we might be able to meet food shortage, increase industrial growth, enhance exports, achieve political and economic stability and put the democratic Pakistan on road to prosperity. -RAJA SHAFAATULLAH, Islamabad, via e-mail, September 11.