LAHORE - Chairman Nazria Pakistan Trust and Editor-in-Chief The Nation Majid Nizami has said that the solution to present internal and external problems faced by Pakistan lies in the transformation of Pakistan as a Islamic, democratic and welfare state as envisioned by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He was delivering a lecture under series of lectures at Aiwan-e-Karkuan Tehrik-e-Paksitan on the topic Quaids concept of Pakistan on Monday. A large number of people from all walks of life and students of Govt Islamia College for Girls Cooper Road attended his lecture. Nizami said Quaid was the only personality in world history who secured a country without firing a bullet and by adopting reason, logic and principled stand in a region which was not only dominated by British but also by Hindu majority. The Quaid was the greatest personality of the 20th century who created largest Muslim country in 1947.He had the concept of an independent Islamic country according to wishes of the people. However, we as a nation and the rulers showed criminal negligence and could not make Pakistan great country as envisioned by the Quaid. Taking advantage of this failure, anti-Pakistan forces spread the propaganda of secularism. Majid Nizami said that the Quaids concept was clear on the Constitution and governance. He was interested in Islamic state and not a secular one. The Quaid repeatedly said that there was no need of any thing else except Islam in Pakistan. He was impressed by Hazrat Umer Farooq (RA), he added. Nizami said the Quaid lucidly talked about the right of minorities and their protection in democracy. The speech concerned about duties of an Islamic state and religious freedom in line with the injunction of Quran. This could eliminate negative emotions against minorities and end to conflict which persisted before partition in the subcontinent. If, however, the fifth columnist dig out a meaning from this speech that the Quaid wanted to make a secular state, is wrong. There is need to know the factors behind this speech. Before partition, hundreds of Muslim migrated from India, thousands of them were murdered during migration by Hindus and Sikhs and women and children were abducted. This created a fear among the non-Muslims in Pakistan. There was sporadic reaction here. This prompted the Quaid to assure them that their life and property will be safe in Pakistan. Regarding his economic philosophy, the Quaid wanted elimination of feudal system and establish a viable economy for Pakistan where the have-nots become prosperous. Regarding supremacy of Parliament, the Quaid said the Parliament should be supreme but the military dictators took over the rule by abrogating the Constitution. He said the vacuum created by the untimely death of the Quaid has not so far been fulfilled.Gen Ayub Khan imposed first martial law which was a prelude to the dark days of Pakistan and seeded separation of East Pakistan. The Quaid wanted supremacy of Parliament and he had clearly defined the role of Army in Pakistan. After his death, the civil and military bureaucracy and the feudal lords grabbed power which resulted in many ills. The nation would not have seen the ugly days if the Army restricted to its oath. Nizami said the Quaid knew the importance of media. He had always welcomed the healthy criticism. The Muslim newspapers played vital role in Pakistan Movement and Nawa-i-Waqt was one of them which created political awareness among the masses. Nawa-e-Waqt is a movement itself and it spread Pakistan ideology. Regarding foreign policy, the Quaid wanted cordial relations with all nations of the world. Nizami said India had not accepted Pakistan from its heart. India is creating unrest in Pakistan by setting up dozens of Consulates and was posting its servicemen here. Atrocities on Kashmiris have been let loose because Kashmiris wanted annexation with Pakistan. It is not respecting UN resolutions but the world conscious is dead. It is silent on Indian atrocities, he added. Majid Nizami said India is behind water scarcity in Pakistan and the rulers who paid deaf ears to this problem will not be forgiven by the coming generations. The Quaid had said Kashmir is jugular vein of Pakistan because he knew Pakistans agricultural economy depends on rivers which come from Kashmir. Nizami said the experts were warning that if no planning was made in water resources, Pakistan may suffer water scarcity in 2012. NPT and TPWT also voiced this concern. It is unfortunate that despite having largest irrigation network Pakistan imports food items and loadshedding has crippled the nation and its economy. India wanted to weaken Pakistan in other sectors as it cannot counter Pakistan militarily after becoming nuclear power. It is working on rendering it desert. Nizami said that the rulers should take stock of the situation and make practical steps to protect Pakistan. In addition to going to International Court of Justice and the UN, we should also be prepared to fight against India. Nizami said the Quaid wanted Urdu as a national language to keep all the units in tact. Referring to the Jaswant Singhs book, Nizami said he had admitted the greatness of Jinnah. Jaswant also tried to say that the Quaid wanted united India but Nehru and Gandhi could not understand him. The fact is that Quaid came to know during his stay in Congress that Hindus wanted the British to quit and hand over India to them so that they could take revenge of 1000 years rule of Muslims there. Knowing this the Quaid separated himself from Congress and pleaded for Two-Nation Theory. He said the best tribute to Quaid is to work for Pakistan as envisioned by him. Amjad Hussain said he and (late) Hameed Nizami imbibed with the spirit were great admirers of Allama Iqbal and the Quaid. Allama Iqbal directed us to meet the Quaid. We met the Quaid and he advised us to follow unity, faith and discipline.