As usual the recent press conference of 'strong face of MQM Mustafa Kamal was totally devoid of meaningful answers to the serious allegations levelled by Dr Zulfiqar Mirza and reduced to hollow rhetoric, planted questions and blatant denial of facts. For example MQM did not answer the Chakra Goth incident, party affiliation of Kamran Madhri, killing of journalist Wali Khan Babar, party affiliation of an absconder Liaqat whose car had been used in gruesome murder of the journalist and brigade of its extortionists sitting in Punjabi building in Karachi for bhatta collection against each container. People are anxious to know why Altaf Hussain is reluctant to come back to exonerate himself from more than eight dozen cases of high treason, murder, kidnapping for ransom and other serious crimes. People of Pakistan must not forget that Altaf Hussain had burned the Pakistani flag on the tomb of Quaid-i-Azam. MQM is being given a taste of its own medicine which it prescribed for its arch rivals in urban Sindh. KHUBAIB USMANI, Islamabad, September 7.