FAISALABAD - The Pakistan Economy Watch on Tuesday said that equal representation was imperative in the trade bodies for smooth functioning, accountability and economic development. Many associations and chambers of commerce and industry have lost their effectiveness due to dominance of families, lobbies and groups, it said. These Qabza groups violate rules for personal gains which is triggering unrest among business community, said PEW sources. Promotion of collective interests of the business community can only be ensured after free and equal representation in all the trade bodies. He said that Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) had been dominated by the Founder Group since a decade where all the office-bearers are elected unopposed. This group is known for retaliating against those who demand democracy or want an end to the illegal activities of the group. Similarly, he said that Mian Group was looming over Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce since last fifteen years while a nationalist politician was dominating Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Mardan Chambers since long. He said that politics in many chambers sometimes take such a turn that Government had to intervene and install administrators as it did in Faisalabad and Gujrat Chambers recently. Traders have recently announced to boycott elections in the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce which need to be probed, he demanded. There is an urgent need to introduce democracy in the chambers across Pakistan and elections should be held under the supervision of a judge of High Court.