Is Imran Khan going to prove himself as the third political power on national political landscape? If one listens to one's heart then the answer may be yes. But, if we peep into the realities of electoral politics in Pakistan, the answer is nothing but a big no. I do not intend to hurt the feeling of anybody, but in my humble opinion, he isn't going to be proved the third political power, at least in coming election. Popularity graphs do show him as one of the most popular leader and a giant political figure, yet electoral politics has its realities. Therefore, in Pakistani politics capable candidates are a reality in our political system. But unfortunately, Khans party doesn't posses competent candidates, who have the ability to compete with the strong contenders of other political parties. Therefore, he is not at all going to have seats more then Q league, MQM and ANP and may be MMA if it gets united. Analysing the political landscape and our national electoral system, one comes across the following harsh realities about Khans political party. In rural sindh PPP will not let him win even a single seat, and in urban locale MQM will do the same. In Balochistan politics mostly revolves round tribal leaders and elders. There remains no space for Captain there. In KP Khan can perform a little better. However, there also ANP, PPP, JUI and JI would not let him play openly and would restrict him to few seats. If ANP and PPP, coalition partners contest with seats adjustment then these seats may be squeezed even more. Then comes Punjab. In South Punjab Khan's party seems to be in no position to perform well against strong heavy weights of PPP, N league and Q league. The expected seat adjustment between Q league and PPP is likely to minimize Khan chances even more. Yes in remaining Punjab, PTI has visible power. But here it will have to face the strong power of N league. This scenario all suggest that Khan is not going to prove at least the third power in next general elections. Therefore, while predicting the future of PTI, one should not be oblivious to the ground realities of Pakistani electoral landscape. Now question arises whether Khan possess bight chances also? The answer to it is, yes. Yes he can perform better, if he leaves the politics of solo flight. He can have good coalition even I would say a natural coalition with Sharifs N league and like minded groups. In such a coalition he is likely to add to his seats, Sharifs would also be in a better position to face the power of PPP and Q-league in its stronghold Punjab. It can be a win win situation for both. Otherwise the sole beneficiary will be the PPP. Therefore, if Khan shuns the politics of solo flight and makes a coalition then he can perform visibly better. However, even then, he isn't at all going to prove the third political entity in Pakistani politics in coming general election. TASSAWAR BOSAL, Mandi Bahauddin, September 14.